Can I switch patterns with MIDI?

Is it possible to switch patterns with a midi key note? I need an easy way to automate active pattern. I am using Bluecat’ s Patchwork where exist a learn system to assign params to map for automation but this menu is disabled for Scaler 2 while this function works for every other VST Plugin I use. Do I miss there something or is it something Scaler does not provide ?

Maybe you miss there something that Bluecat’ s Patchwork does not provide? Scaler will switch patterns with a midi key note.

what key range is it?

Open Scaler, click on SCALES, pick your scale “C Major scale” etc., click on “B” [far right], and you will see the affected key range.

I think there I can see the key range for singe chords. I try to find key range to witch complete pattern for chord progression

Start with a “fresh” Scaler and follow me:

Click on “SCALES”, pick your scale “C Major scale” etc., right click anywhere in the gray in section B and “Select All”, drag your scales from section B down to the “+” in section C, click on “C” [don’t forget], click on “EDIT”, click on “PLAYBACK PERFORMANCES” pick your patterns for each key note.

Watch the 2.1 update video! It’s SUPER slick what Scaler can do.

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You have to “lasso” and select both patterns “PATTERN 1” and “PATTERN 2” and then they will ALL show up in the keyrange.

This is also covered in the videos and in this forum.

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Thank you for the fast response.