Can Scalar auto-populate empty pads?

Finding my way around Scalar and wondered, is it possible to have it auto-populate the remaining empty pads for you with suggested chords. once you’ve given it enough to determine key/mode etc?

Not exactly…but if you play with the Perform settings, here is a way to get some chords (and voicings) in there that are derived from your working set and the Performance. (I have a post on this here in the forum but here is a summary)

  1. With a Perform mode active, select all your working chords
  2. Drag them outside Scaler and then back over Scaler and drop them (do not drop outside)
  3. This will trigger a detect and your section A will be filled with chords and maybe notes
  4. Select all the Section A chords (right click between 2 chords for a quick select) - You won’t be able to select any notes that might be included.
  5. Right click and select Add Chords to new pattern
    6 Go to pad view to explore the chords

Now…because these are derived from what ever Perform mode settings you had selected when you dragged the chords out and back in, your results will vary considerably…including many duplicated chords. However, with a little experimentation, you might find some interesting chords, voicings and patterns that you may have never thought about.

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@TMacD Thank you, this is worth exploring.

Hope you find it useful…I do.
Here is that longer post…just in case it helps a bit. Using MIDI detect to populate the Pad view with the chords of a Performance - General Discussion - Scaler Plugin - Community Forum

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