Can Scaler 1 and 2 be installed simultaneously?

Hi. I was really hyped with the features announced for Scaler 2… but I’m seeing that the new version released with a ton of bugs and performance issues. I trust the devs to fix them eventually (hopefully soon) but i would like to know if Scaler 2 is considered as a different plugin so i can have installed 1 and 2 simultaneously if I feel like 2 it’s too unstable to use constantly.

Can I just clarify something? There’s is not a ton of bugs and performance issues. There are issues, and we are deeply disappointed the release isn’t perfect but the majority of users aren’t encountering problems, at least ones that hinder the overall use of the software. I am personal liaison for several world famous artist whom are using it and loving it. Without issue. I am using it and loving it without issue. The reviewers and vloggers are using it primarily without issues (search for yourself on youtube). So yes there are issues and there are certain setups which aren’t working like we expected. The coding team are aware of these and are working every day to fix everything. We are at our 5th minor update. Try the free version for yourself. Are there issues?
In response to your question, yes you can run both versions at the same time.

Thank you for your answer. I didn’t mean to offend you if I sounded too harsh, as I’m not one of the users of Scale 2 i can only base myself in the reported bugs in the forum, and I have read an amount that at least worried me enough to make this question. I’m not saying that Scaler 2 is unusable either.
I have read that with 2.0.5 a lot of problems are being solved, but some user reported high CPU usage in that version for some motive.
Either way, the launch was not as smooth as everybody hoped but Scaler is still a great product and it’s great that you are listening and trying your best to make everything as good as it may be.

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No offence taken at all. Just defending the product. If you look at the thousands of posts across various mediums you can see that the majority are loving it. We apologise to those that have a encountered problems and we will address and rectify then as we come across them. Thanks for all the support.


I have both installed and they seem to work fine.

You are right about Scaler 2, there are some missing features (eg. the fretboard chord builder) and quite a few bugs.

There are an large number of new features in Scaler 2. This results in a large number of different potential workflows. Combine this with the large number of users and we all can understand how “issues” can arise at launch. In beta testing I reported a minor item or two which were fixed. However, at launch I was quick to report a serious “bug” which appeared in my workflow. It took me two days before I discovered a configuration option in Scaler which was blocking my keyboard midi input channel ( I suspect I had messed this up at some point). It was immediately resolved when I removed the check in “block midi channel”. In retrospect - User Error. Still lovin and learnin Scaler 2.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is an excellent VST. But as a guitarist, one of the main reasons for my purchase (the fretboard chord builder) is missing in Scaler 2, which is disappointing. Its not clear if this is a mistake or a dropped feature.

I would love to have a developer confirm if this will be implemented? @Ed1

Hi @newheart

this is in testing at the moment, @luapmartin had a look at it over the weekend.

If all goes well it will be back in there when the next version is pushed. :crossed_fingers:


Excellent, thanks :slight_smile: