Can Scaler 2 be used as a stand alone for working on ideas?

I was wondering if the program can be used in a stand-alone way to work on ideas and then save the result to export into your daw or back into scaler as a preset?
thank you

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I don’t think it can but this would be a great feature. A lot of tons I just want to play around with scarlet and not have to open up a DAW and create a project.

There is a way to use it without a DAW but require an extra app. The best one is Blue Cat’s Patchwork.
It’s a small stand alone app the you can load Scaler into , save that as a default and then when you open it again Scaler is right there.You can just work with Scaler and it’s internal sounds and save Patterns, etc. to open again when you want to work in the DAW. There is also Unify but it does lots more but you could do the same thing with it. it’s a little cheaper. UNIFY
Patchwork is easy on CPU. Unify does a ton of stuff but you don’t need to use it for that although it’s amazing at what it does.

Sure can. Tone 2 offers a free app called NanoHost that will work fine. Very nice app! Easy peasy. You can download it here:

I have been using savihost.
What is the difference between the 2?

Similar, though I think the Tone 2 host is nicer.

If you’re going to load Scaler into a Host, then why NOT your DAW
Its a HOST too.

Because using a stand alone instance of Scaler means you don’t have to fuss with inputs in your Daw as you switch between tracks. A powerful use is putting standalone between keyboard and Daw to use keylock to put scale notes on white keys.

You can still have instances of Scaler within your Daw that coexist.

And you will also need free loopbe1 downloadable here

I keep a standalone Scaler between my keyboard and Daw. Locking scale notes to white keys is powerful, a feature only found on high end keyboards but much more easily managed in Scaler. Versus pressing buttons on lcd menus on keyboard.

Thats an easy fix. Create a template.
No more fussing with inputs or anything else.

Load template, just play.
This would be far more easier & faster, than finding a whole new different host, learning it (whereas you’re already familiar with your daw) doing the routing & configuring with your sound card.