Can scaler be used live and other questions?

Helloo Scaler people!
I play midi guitar and I want to use Scaler live to trigger chords as I play over the top. I’ve watched a few setup vids and researched, but no one seems to answer my burning questions.
I downloaded the trail of Scaler 2 this evening, but couldn’t quite get it working the way I wanted.

In theory the live thing should be something scaler could do (or am I wrong?). Therefore I’d like to know;
How do you make it work in Mainstage?
Can you assign chords to specific notes?
If I set up a midi pedal can I assign chords to different pedals?
In the trail version on logic and mainstage the piano in scaler would sound if I used the keyboard piano, but not from my Synth guitar (Fishman Triple Play and aye, I know how to set it up and every other sound worked fine. I had exactly the same problem in Logic). Is there something special you have to press within scaler to make it work?
Is there an email for the support team (or is this it)?




I would have to say that there might be some live uses for Scaler, however, it is really an instrument for recording MIDI, to which audio can be added, or vice versa.

If said Pedal board transmits MIDI notes and you have a computer, Scaler and sound system, it would, in theory, (I’ve never done this) be possible to do some live things with it, but it would take time to create workable set-ups.

do you mean one of the very few and rare guitars without strings?
I’m curious to have information about it

Hi Claudio
It’s not one of the guitars without strings. It’s a pickup you fit to a regular guitar (although all mine are custom). It’s called the Fishman Triple Play. It allows me to play any instrument/synth on guitar.
I’ve just released another album where everything except the bass is played on guitar (drums, strings, bagpipes!!). It could be a gamechanger (for a lot of people) if I can get scaler to do what I want for live work!

Hi Mate
Aye, in theory it should work. I’d like to chat to the support guys about how to get it up and running in a live setting. I’ve got a lot of people asking about this.
I couldn’t make it work the other night, but I’m determined to find something that will allow me to play chords as I solo over the top.

yes, I see

I just posted a link to a similar stuff

I think it’s suitable for those have a guitar already and are skilled in plucking it, as e.g. Paul Bielatowicz (How does Paul Bielatowicz of Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy play keyboards on guitar?)

on my side, the problem is the strings: I played the guitar for a dozen of years and I always hated the way strings kill my finger pads

so a no-string MIDI guitar could be enticing to me, but it doesn’t exist in a reliable and average priced form currently

thanks for information anyway

I always desired to have a custom guitar and here is one I tried to build in the seventies (next to a Les Paul of a friend)
Custom guitar and Gibson Les Paul

N.B. my idea was to build all pieces, and indeed all brass pieces were hand-made, bridge included

unfortunately at that time separate necks were expensive and rare, so I got stuck trying to build the fretboard; a mission impossible because I wasn’t able to find a thin-enough saw blade :worried:

in the picture you should see the internal rod useful to pull the neck

Hi @Nickjitsu - sorry I am just now responding, just discovered this discussion thread.

I think what you describe that you want to do with Scaler and a MIDI linked guitar is doable. Based on what @1stInversion suggested. I have been actually working on a similar setup to make use of Scaler as a performance tool, more for home jamming (but same situation, I want to improvise music, not program software, while playing).

Since you already must be using a computers, as a Scaler user (and it being a plugin, you must already have a DAW or some MIDI host software), there are straight forward ways in Scaler to link chords to notes (the key binding feature).

I have built some setups in Ableton that preconfigure a bunch of Scaler instances to taste, and then I use various MIDI controls to call up, play, perform the various Scaler configurations on the fly, as a performer, not a composer. Happy to walk you through my setup some time. Also happy to help figure out how this might have to be setup differently in different DAWs.

The fact that you say there is a broader interest in this kind of setup motivates me to help you guys realize it. So let me know if/how I can help…


Hi @Nickjitsu … I have been playing around with integrating Scaler into Mainstage. The way that is working for me (there may be others) is to bring ScalerControl into a MidiFX slot in Mainstage. Another completely different option that I plan to explore is a program called Gig Performer which will basically take the place of Mainstage. I really like Mainstage but I have been looking for something that can run on either the Mac or a Windows computer. Unlike Mainstage, Gig Performer doesn’t come with any built-in instruments. You need to use your own vsts.

Gig Performer far out shadows Mainstage. For live it’s rock solid and you can build a crazy amount of possible scenarios. Highly recommended.