Can Scaler detect chords from clips?

I’m quite sure there was a way to feed some audio clips into Scaler from my project and have Scaler detect the chords

Can anyone detail how this is done?

Use Scaler Audio as an effect on the audio track, press the Scaler record button and Scaler does the biz

As @elmo5 said you can

He has described how to do this in a Windows environment, but you may have to use the fx version of Scaler in a MAC environment.

To help people answer your queries can you please include the OS and DAW versions with your query. Then users who have a similar environment will be able to help you.

Thanks Elmo 5, your Windows explanation was very helpful! And thanks Ed66 for the MAC heads up just in case I am using a MAC.

I am using Windows.

I used this as an effect and pushed the play button and it came up with a chord but only one.
But down below it gave me 7 chords in the Bb major scale.

I had to align these 7 midi chords up in my project as needed.

Is there a way to get Scaler 2 to write these chords into a midi track as it hears them?

Okay I deleted the single chord that got detected in Scaler 2 by using the trash can, then it finally worked and made a long list of the chords I heard in my audio track.

Though the chords do not seem to have any timing associated with them.

Hallo @RexRed,

“Is there a way to get Scaler 2 to write these chords into a midi track as it hears them?”

I am using Logic Pro X on a Mac in the example above, with the Scaler recording the chord sequence, I can do nothing more because it is on an Audio track. Perhaps using a second Scaler on a Midi track in sync could do that, I can Imagine a certain latency and the chord accuracy may vary with audio clip content, I used a pad to play the dragged out chords in my example which was acceptable, Glad it worked for you.

Scaler does not detect timing, only chords. Chord length is global depending on what you have set in preferences.