Can Scaler VST be coded as "MIDI Plugin"?

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Related to my Bitwig question

I tried to daisy-chain multiple Scaler instances, as MIDI Plugin, inside an Ableton Live track. But Ableton refuses to let me put Scaler 2 into a MIDI Effect rack.

When I tried this, Ableton refuses with the orange message:

Not sure if this is just an Ableton Live LITE limitation. Would this work in Ableton Live SUITE?

How difficult would it be to code Scaler 2.x as a MIDI plugin, since it clearly functions in that capacity as well?


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Is it possible to use 3rd party plugins as MIDI Effects in Ableton? I think the last time we checked it was not supported.

We do have ScalerControl on macOS which is a MIDI Effect plugin. But it doesn’t show here in Ableton Live 10 in the list of MIDI Effects. :confused:

If it’s possible we can definitely have a look at it

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I have tried and it does not leave me either. The message is the same in Ableton 10 Suite (on Windows 10)

Looks like the Ableton Live MIDI Effect rack is limited to MIDI devices developed on the Max4Live framework. I could not find any other 3rd party VST out there that fits into the Ableton MIDI effect rack, so I suspect Ed is right. One more reason to move over to Bitwig then :wink:

Yes the only new feature in Live 11 which is relevant to scaler is:

MIDI Channel Routings

It is now possible to route MIDI to and from Max for Live audio effects and instruments. Inputs and outputs are routable and show up in a track’s MIDI From and MIDI To choosers.

That would be interesting. It just happens that I downloaded the Ableton Live 11 Trial today and am playing with it as we speak. So far I cannot discern any functional difference around MIDI Effect racks and Scaler. Perhaps that is because the instruments I want to route Scaler to (within the same track) are not Max4Live based?

Ultimately I am interested at the daisy-chaining of MIDI effects (as I see Scaler) and audio-emitting instruments in the same track, just like Bitwig does natively. Unless this is implemented in Max4Live, Ableton still seems to lack that feature compared to Bitwig.

Okay, this issue has become obsolete for me.

I was considering whether to update my Ableton Live 10 LITE version to the Pro version (which is 11 now), or to get Bitwig Studio. I’ve heard all kinds of unfavorable impressions from people about AL11. But what helped me make my decision in favor of Bitwig (at a $20 lower price point!) finally was this…

So now look forward to me creating more monster Scaler ensembles now that I have heavy weaponry in my arsenal :wink: