Can Scaler2 play all patterns in sequence?

Hi, first post here.

I’m using Scaler to put together piano chords for a song I wrote long ago on the guitar. The chords are simple, but there are some quick changes and rests, so I ended up having to create 4 patterns to fit just the verse. Scaler is a huge help with tweaking octaves and inversions, this is great. But now I can only audition one pattern in a row, and that is unhelpful.

I am OK with exporting each pattern separately, since these parts would end up as separate clips in FL Studio anyway - but I do need to hear the whole verse playing in Scaler, especially when trying out various expressions and other tweaks. Is it possible? (Can’t find anything in the manual)

Select all patterns and hit play in scaler, they will play in sequence - even in DAW sync mode. It will even bind all the chords across all patterns.

Very cool, thank you

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I would like to play 4 patterns one after another, but live using my midi keyboard.
Selecting all patterns only only allows me to play back the first pattern.

This is the ultimate freedom in playing chord progressions with expression when singing for us non-pianists.

Hey Lou
In Pad mode (A) , click and drag to select all the PATTERN buttons you want to play…they will turn blue (B)
Now you can use the loop and play the buttons C

eazy peazy

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ThanksTnacD. Trouble is I want to play the keys live and truly humanize the feel. I don’t want to use the automatic play. That way I can sing along as I play, as I feel the song.

I’m glad you visually explained it @TMacD - I was originally confused as well, expecting the lasso’ing of the actual chord progressions to do the job. Perhaps we can put this Illustration in the next manual?

Hi Bernd! Did you get the point of my issue and playing live?
TmD’s graphic was certainly 1st class, I agree!

@LouHela , it sounds like you want to recall the chords from the patterns interactively. Have you tried out this feature?

Basically each pattern can be bound to one of the keys starting at C1 on your keyboard. The keys from C2 on recall the actual chords in the pattern’s progression.

And if you don’t like the default key range for the binding, you can customize this in the settings menu (click on cogwheel in upper right corner of Scaler’s main screen to get to that menu).


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Thanks @Bernd, I was wondering what the green keys enabled but I was too caught up in playing to RTFM. Love it that you can swap between patterns in time…my Scaler drum machine is becoming a beast!

yea but what if you have one less chord in pattern 1 (7 chords) than you do in pattern 2 (8 chords). It throws off the timing because it jumps to pattern 2 chord 8

No it should not. If you just leave a blank space it will play pattern 2 pad one next. I do that a lot. Sometimes I only have 3 chords in a pattern and it’s all seamless.