Can someone help educate me - Scaler Related

How do I reconcile making music in Scaler when it only appears to support 8 bar progressions. I know lots of songs have only 2 or 4 chords. Get a bit jazzier and you may actually have 8 chords in a progression, but none (except a short jiggle) will only have 8 bars!

I am new to Scaler, so there must be something I am missing. How do you use this to compose a full 32 bar (or larger) song? Do you just put together multiple progression pieces in your DAW?

I am enjoying the use and education I am getting with Scaler and given time may figure this out, but thought someone may see and understand the issue I am having…
Thanks for any help.

Hi @MusicStudent

it’s all up to you how you prefer to work, Scaler is pretty flexible:

  • You can drag individual or a selection of chords to your DAW from which you can edit your song with your usual tools.
  • Or the MIDI Bind can help you trigger chords in Scaler from single notes you have drawn onto the piano roll in your DAW.

I usually do a bit of both, binding while experimenting and then I drag my chords out and layout my song in the DAW

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See the little to the left of the 8 slots? Each one is a separate set of 8 slots!

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