Can ST+/- not disappear?

Great!Thanks to the Scaler team!

In the past, I hope to add the function of quickly changing chords in the B and C areas.
I just found out that it has joined.
The ST+ and-on the leftmost side of the A zone can not only control the B and C zones at the same time, but the “detected scale” also changes accordingly.
Very good. I only learned today that it has been achieved.

But,ST+/- will disappear
Can you keep ST+/- from disappearing? Or let it exist in the C area.
I often use this replacement to find a KEY that suits me to sing


I would second this. I played in my chords via Detect Midi with the aim of transposing the song and then was quite disappointed to find the scale lock icon missing. It’s such a useful function it would be good if it could be re-implemented at some point.


I do use SCALER to play and sing a lot of songs every day, when I find it uncomfortable to sing a chord, I need to adjust, whenever this time comes, I am eager to have an ST+/- in the C area of SCALER that can be adjusted immediately, I know I can go to EDIT to complete, but it is too cumbersome. You want to add this feature to Area C.