Can we get a looper for section A?

I feel like I’m asking for a lot lately, but if adding a loop option to section A is reasonable, it would make auditioning playback settings much easier and more fluid.


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We are grateful for the feedback. It should be loopable but how? Really one loop button on the UI should apply to any bound section but we are beyond that, so really don’t want 3 loop buttons. Is it a right click to loop but then who knows about it but you? Thoughts?

Thanks for thinking about this David…I know you guys have a lot on your plate(s)

I understand the value of keeping the UI tidy and we already have right click on Play for DAW synch so that probably does not make much sense…unless you morph the existing DAW synch toggle code to call a menu and apply that function across all play buttons…but I digress. :slight_smile:

Some additional thoughts:

  1. Make looping globally automatic being selectable w/in settings (I thought about this and I’m constantly looping so my default would be loop with out a doubt)

  2. A small low res icon toggling looping (like you use on Chord Voicings w/in Pad Edit mode.) image

  3. A ctrl/alt/shift-click to loop option with a compound Play icon and updated mouse tip

  4. Add a right click loop option when selecting chords - bonus points if we can loop non-contiguous selected chords AND notes :slight_smile: We already have a Preview Selected Chords so Loop Selected Chords seems coherent

Thanks again to you and the team for all your efforts. There is no doubt that it is a labor of love.

We have per-Section play buttons.

What would be so bad about per-Section loop buttons?

It’s a pretty small button (real-estate wise), and as long as we have separate A/B/C sections, then keeping with the idea of controls-per-section is very logical.

OTOH, if there absolutely has to be no more than one loop button (which would then be confined to acting globally) right under the keyboard and guitar icons seems like an OK place to put it.

Still though, I can see wanting looping for one or two sections and not the other(s).

Thanks for the feedback but this is not a priority at the moment. You can simply copy chords to the section C and loop from there. There are many quick ways to do so.


Some time ago I was also favourable to that, but now I changed my mind

Cycling the patterns onto a series of chords is way more useful in Section C, also because you can then do what I explained here… that is not feasible in Section A

Ok…but if I could loop the chords in Section A, I could audition the great collection of chords, performances and other playback settings much faster (500% faster to be exact) making the process of exploring where I might want to go with Scaler that much easier and more enjoyable. I’ll keep hoping. :slight_smile: As always, thanks for the great work Dev team!

I’ll comment that from a workflow perspective one might already have an elaborate layout taking up all of Section C, a layout that you ideally only want to perturb after you have fully auditioned the changes elsewhere (e.g. in Sections A and/or B).

I know we can save/load chord sets from disk (excellent!), and with this capability and some care in how we proceed we can avoid permanent loss of carefully constructed configurations.

So, it’s not a question of “user can’t do”, but it is a question of “most convenient (and efficient) for user to do”. It is definitely most convenient (and efficient) to be able to play a loop anywhere, anytime you want to. In this program, as currently organized, that would mean in Sections A, B, and C.

In no way am I saying this is the highest priority “must do next” item, but it might be low hanging fruit from the implementation POV (famous last words!).

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@sj1 Your 2nd quote in the thread nailed my thoughts on this topic. I appreciate the prioritization requirements of any dev effort and I also know that the process is fluid
as ideas and insights into use-cases change.

As David says:

This kind of feature is not about a prescribed workflow or a specific product vision or use case, but instead it is about features that compliment the most scenarios (likely or unlikely). Since Scaler lends itself to exploration and stumbling onto the unexpected, something as utilitarian as looping everywhere playing is available seems a reasonable feature list candidate.

Would you have a DAW that only allows volume control on certain types of the tracks? “its easy, just bounce your midi track to audio and then you can set the level.” is not something you’d likely ever hear.

While UI impact/decisions have to be taken into consideration, Looping is something that happens all the time and all over the UI for reasons only known by the user in that moment. For at least some of us, Section C is where you go to build, tune and play your progressions. Section B is where you go to explore and tune chord voicings and variations while Section A is where you begin searching for and exploring foundational sounds and patterns. In all three cases, efficient looping makes all the difference to the user experience.

Thanks for your consideration.

So true - I bear the scars and lack of hair for all the ‘only a quick fix’ that have cost endless man days, hassle with the client base, and of course loss of money :slight_smile: