Can we get a looper for section A?

I feel like I’m asking for a lot lately, but if adding a loop option to section A is reasonable, it would make auditioning playback settings much easier and more fluid.


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We are grateful for the feedback. It should be loopable but how? Really one loop button on the UI should apply to any bound section but we are beyond that, so really don’t want 3 loop buttons. Is it a right click to loop but then who knows about it but you? Thoughts?

Thanks for thinking about this David…I know you guys have a lot on your plate(s)

I understand the value of keeping the UI tidy and we already have right click on Play for DAW synch so that probably does not make much sense…unless you morph the existing DAW synch toggle code to call a menu and apply that function across all play buttons…but I digress. :slight_smile:

Some additional thoughts:

  1. Make looping globally automatic being selectable w/in settings (I thought about this and I’m constantly looping so my default would be loop with out a doubt)

  2. A small low res icon toggling looping (like you use on Chord Voicings w/in Pad Edit mode.) image

  3. A ctrl/alt/shift-click to loop option with a compound Play icon and updated mouse tip

  4. Add a right click loop option when selecting chords - bonus points if we can loop non-contiguous selected chords AND notes :slight_smile: We already have a Preview Selected Chords so Loop Selected Chords seems coherent

Thanks again to you and the team for all your efforts. There is no doubt that it is a labor of love.