Can we purchase 2.0

I have recently become smitten with this program. As an impulse buyer I what to purchase now. But with the new version on the horizon my common sense is holding me back. But I could talk myself into purchasing 2.0 and run with Beta until full release, if it was available now. Just sayin…

I think its not available until the end of Feb. And its not really the devs here who set the time of purchase, its Plugin Boutique who say when it can be purchased.
If you bought Scarler 1.x in the past, you can write to the devs and they will give you a Beta license.

Well February has come and gone and today my 30 day demo expired. Have to admit I am still feeling pretty upbeat on this program. I have had a couple of ah-ha moments with the demo and am buzzed on what it does and think it can do for my music.

But alas, as I have followed this product for the past month, what I first thought to be an active and responsive development team over the last month has proven to be wrong. The product features are one thing, but it is the responsiveness and actions of the development team that makes me grab my wallet and jump on board. Nothing worse then undelivered promises (don’t matter if it is developers or the sales folks).

I guess at this time my back is against the wall I will have to make a decision. That decision would have been a lot easier if the group had delivered on their promises. Just sayin…

Hey @MusicStudent

if you have followed the news on the forum, you might be aware that we are not setting the release date.

On the development side, we are using this extra time to polish the release. We’ve added new feedback from users of the beta, we have added things that were originally planned for a 2.1 update…etc.

What this means is that you will get a better 2.0 when it gets release, less bugs, more features…

I understand the frustration, we’re doing everything we can to help ease the wait by letting owner of Scaler1 on the beta channel which has proved really helpful in terms of feedback so far…

We will update when we get new info on the release.



Will there be special pricing for Scaler 1 owners?

Yes, there will be an upgrade price.