Can You Add/Edit The Voicing Note Values In The Drop Down Menu?

Hi again,

I decided to start another topic as it is unrelated to my other post.

The title says it all really.

Can you add to or edit the voicing note values in the “Voicings” drop down menu?

I ask as, for example, there does not seem to be a voicing which simply plays the 2nd note of a triad up an octave.

I know that I can go in and edit the chord myself - I just wondered whether it was possible to make your own voicing presets for quickness.


Hi @davescaler,

You can’t define your own voicings and add them to the list, but there are a couple of ways you can work around this.

You could create a progression with the chords and inversions you like. Once you are done, simply save it, this will open it as a “chordset” which you can now transpose up and down to change which scale your progression is in.

It is not exactly what you want to do, but it should get you close enough. You can have many of those “tool sets” ready and recall them when looking for one of your specific voicings.

I hope this helps,

Hi again Ed,

I gave your suggestion a try today, and it works well.

It is certainly a good workaround.

Thanks for your help.