Can you put this function in area C?

In area a, there is a “ST” function on the far left, which can quickly adjust all chords. Tone change.
For example, I made a G major in area C, but I want to fast C major. However, there is no “ST” function in area C.
It must be stored and opened in area A.
So can we simply implement this function in the C region?


Can’t that be done after clicking Edit?

no!you try.

Just click EDIT and then adjust the semitone up or down. Time 5 seconds
Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 11.35.45 PM

This requires each chord to be adjusted.

You can select all the chords and change them all at the same time!


OK :rofl:
I tried it and it’s OK.

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Thank you for your help
However, if you can, I still hope that the official can also add this function in zone C.

Absolutely agree! It would be very convenient and time saving to be able to transpose C like A!

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I am with @swingmix and @hummersallad as well and am thirding this feature request. Been silently wishing many times for this as well.

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The Scaler team should have seen it :smiley: