Can you share Scaler 2 Roadmap?

Ciao Scaler Team,

I have a couple of suggestion to make and to avoid doubles I’m checking if someone already asked something similar.

I saw that many requests are already “in your roadmap”, but I couldn’t see the roadmap itself.

It is possible to share with us what you are planning to implement? Even raw ideas without any specification or timetable, just to avoid asking something you already planned.

It would be very useful for both, because users won’t waste time requesting features that are already evaluated/planned and you will spend less time replying.

Thank you for you time,


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Ciao Andrea,
I am sure you can appreciate that information is sensitive. We are as transparent as possible but we also need to protect our IP as much as possible.


No problem Davide, totally understandable.

What about my suggestions? should I open a new thread or do you prefer to keep everything here?