Can you use scaler with Push 3?

Just ordered one , i know they dont support it standalone. Just wondering if anyone has had any success ?


Hi @AlexTheCat,

You’re correct that Scaler 2 will not work with Push 3 standalone, as VST and AU plugins are not supported. Ableton suggest freezing tracks that use VST or AU plugins before opening those Live Sets on Push 3 standalone.

When using Push 3 as a controller for Ableton Live, the experience with Scaler 2 will be similar to using Push with any other plugin. Push’s pads can be used to play notes or trigger pads in Scaler.

It can be useful to add plugins like Scaler 2 to an Instrument Rack when using Push as a controller. This way plugin certain parameters can be added to the Instrument Rack’s Macros which will then appear on Push’s display and be available to control using Push’s encoders.

Thanks for this great reply , this makes me very hopeful. I am awaiting the controller version . Cheers