Cannot register license - Clicking on "register a license file" does nothing

I just purchased Scaler, and received the .license file. Opened ACID, created new MIDI layer, added Scaler2 VST to the layer. Open screen popped up. Lo and behold, when I click on the “register a license file”, nothing happens. Nothing at all. The link flashes a little, indicating that the click was received, but otherwise nothing! I can only use Scaler in demo mode, after having purchased it. When someone gets a chance, please weigh in on this. I had the demo mode working perfectly, and now that I own Scaler, I can’t use it! This is running on an 8 core HP Z800 with Windows 7 ultimate, 48GB of RAM. Thanks!

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Hi Jowry,

Can you try first to uninstall your demo Scaler and then reinstall the one you downloaded (or if not downloaded yet, the one in your Plugin Boutique account)? If this does not work, I am pretty sure @Ed1 can help you so send him a private message and mention the email address used to access your Plugin Boutique account.

That’s just exactly what I did. Deleted all instances of the .dll and .vst3 files. Cleaned the registry, rebooted, and downloaded the new version. Reinstalled, running the .exe in admin mode.

I’m guessing there’s a file that’s supposed to run when you click the license link on the splash screen that’s either corrupt or missing. I’ll let Eduardo know about. He, and several others, were very helpful with a crashing problem in the demo version.

In the meantime I’m going to go back and see whether the demo install shows in the control panel. Maybe I can do an “official” windows uninstall. Most vsts I’ve used are just a matter of placing the dlls in the proper folder. We’ll see. Thanks for your quick response.

Joe Bourke

OK Miki - I just opened the Control Panel and discovered that the Scaler install is indeed and install. I’ve just uninstalled it. I’m going to clean the registry again, and re-install the new download from from my purchase today at PluginBoutique.

Just went through the whole uninstall through Control Panel, cleaned registry and rebooted. Reinstalled a freshly downloaded version of 2.5.0 from Plugin Boutique. Same thing! I also disabled my virus software just in case that was stepping on something. No dice!

Joe Bourke (Jowry)

I just direct messaged Eduardo. Thanks again for your help.


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I am having the same issue but only I’m working in Logic 10.7.4 I keep hearing pink or white noise every 30 seconds or so. I’m running Logic on a 2020 27" iMac 5k Retina, 3.8 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i7. O.S. Monterey 12.3.1 I think I already want a refund. It has been three days and still can’t figure out anything to get it working correctly.

Did you download your License from Plugin Boutique? Did you apply your license to Scaler? Did you reboot?

Hi @Ed1 I wonder if you can help. I am also having this issue where I select ‘Register a license file’ and nothing happens.



Hi @swhite99

Do you have any security software running on your computer? (antivirus, firewall,…) Those could prevent the file from being move to its location.

Could you give us more details about your config and we will have a look.


Hi @Ed1 I have switched off firewall and antivirus and it makes no difference unfortunately.

FYI I am running Scaler 2.6 and using GarageBand 10.3.5 on a 2010 iMac using macOS High Sierra.



Hearing the same thing here - and cannot get the License to install. WIN 10 using FL Studio 21

Just got to my workstation. Now I recall what happened. The file, “Scaler2.license”, is sitting in the Temp directory where I put software which is going to be installed. All I ended up doing was pointing the Scaler registration request at that file (on the splash screen of Scaler - you can also get in there by clicking the Scaler logo at the top left of the GUI and clicking About / Help, and then Registration. That will get you back to the place where you register). I ended up going through a lot of trouble, but it was well worth it. Keep trying!

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Thanks - yes, that is what happened. I got it all sorted out and am having a lot of fun with it.