Cannot save single note chords

Hi, I use Scaler 2 with Logic Pro, newest version. If I try to save a patch that has a single note chord in the “pad”, then the chord box goes completely blank.

This might be an odd thing to do, but I use the software in many creative ways. :slight_smile:

Great software by the way

By definition a single note is not a chord and Scaler wants to see at least 2 notes. Root and 5th makes a chord with no 3rd, Root and 2nd makes a Major 2nd chord, etc. As long as there are at least 2 notes, Scaler will save it. If you really wanted to save a one note pad then input at least 2 notes and then set the velocity of the note you don’t want to zero in the edit window.

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To build on @jamieh info, you won’t see any patterns that you built in Pad view unless you load the Session and not just the Pattern (both are created when you do save). Kinda strange language in the UI but it is bullet proof. If you have created multiple patterns, you will get an entry for each pattern and you will find it in Section A You will see all of them in the pad view when you load the Session file image

And while we are on the topic of individual notes, if you ever see any in section A, you won’t be able to do anything with them directly (other than select and delete) If you want to keep them, use midi record and play section A. (right clicking in the grey between the notes/chords will give you a selection option)

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Hey, thanks for the velocity tip. I forgot to think of using octaves as a simple workaround, and this will work on non-velocity sensitive instruments like organs also.