Can't drag recorded midichords into a pattern?

Hi, I try to drag the recorded selection into a pattern but it does’nt work?
I can rightclick with my mouse over the chords to drag them but there’s no handle and when I move my mouse down to pattern 1 the chords don’t go?
I upload a screenprint I made, can somebody explain what’s wrong?

Thanks in advance and greetz


There is nothing there in the detect. Those are not chords. If they were chords they would look like the pads in section B. Whatever you detected had no chord structure.
Scaler cannot detect chords from single notes, arppegios, or dense, complex music recordings that have a lot going on. Ideally piano or guitar chords that are clearly heard but I’ve succeeded using other source with a bit of experimentation. There is a little slider on the audio select that can help with this. Slide towards the left if the music is a little to low I’ve found helps.
Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 11.57.18 AM

What did you record?
I think to remember that Scaler doesn’t recognize guitar arpeggios, nor guitar strumming if notes don’t sound in the exact same moment

Or, the instrument was masked by other instruments, as happens trying to record complex music

Yes, I filled in notes instead of chords, that was my mistake