Can't drag wav audio to scaler in pro tools

Yesterday I could drag audio files and today I can’t.
I have read the manual and tried everything but it just doesn’t work.
I am running the latest pro tools and have tried scaler 2 and scaler 2 audio.
Both will not accept the wav audio files.
Please help


Hi @Reno

sorry for the delayed reply, do you have any error message or warning when you drop the file in Scaler?

Hi Ed1
No warnings. Just a little black circle with a line through it indicating that it won’t drop.
If others are having this problem you can bus it to a track but then it still only works 75% of the time.
If I stay on scaler 2 while making a piano fill or swap instruments it crashes pro tools.
I have a good laptop top with an i5 core and the cpu usage is always low so I have counted out these issues. I understand it’s new and as with all new things their will be small issues to fix but outside of those it’s a great piece of software.