Cant export wav files

Hi,Ive been using midi capture to email myself chords for a few days now.But just this week nothing exports? only xml files and sessions file? done sumin wrong? real Newbie here…I/m also trying to put scaler into my pc ,so I can just drag files not export from my ipad.

Scaler only Exports xml and Session Files. It does not export wave files. Scaler creates MIDI that plays and instrument that your DAW can Export as a wave file.
You can drag and drop MIDI files.
So you have Scaler on both PC and iPad?

Hi. No I just bought it on ipad hence the email to PC …I should have just put it on the pc as thats were my DAW is…I midi transfer via email and its a wav file… download it still a wav file …and just drag that onto a instument track in Mixcraft (yer I know} and yes it a midi track? so…must be doing something wrong?

Once you’ve captured some midi via midi capture ht the midi capture button and all your captures are listed there. Click the export button to export the audio file. Hope that helps