Cant find sidechain on Logic ProX when using Scaler2

Hi guys,

I’d like to get the chords from audio using Scaler2 on Logic ProX.
I have an instance of Scaler2 open on an instrument channel (Left image)
How do I get the sidechain to open like on this video tutorial? (Right image)
I’m sure it’s a simple setting, but I don’t have a clue lol!

Thanks in advance!

Still having no luck here. I’d appreciate it if someone could help :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

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As far as I know there is no side chain input into Scaler. If you are trying to get audio into Scaler Audio it loads on an audio track as an effect so just run audio into the track. There is a level input on the left above the record button in Scaler. When you have a signal just push the red record button. Remember Scaler does not record timing only chord information.

Thanks for your reply.

Did you see the image though? Top right hand side. The guy that’s recorded a course I’m doing on Scaler2 has side chain. He specifically mentions that on the course :-/ I’m totally lost though

I can’t think of any reason for using side chain myself. What course is that and what reason does he use side chaining? He is using it in Logic? Where is the audio coming from that he is side chaining?
And just so you are aware - everybody has their own workflow. It doesn’t mean it’s the only way. Sometimes the easiest way can work best but the thing not to get to caught up in thinking there is only one way to make music.

Davide is using Scaler in Logic here to detect audio.

It has to be the “ScalerAudio” version of scaler in the instrument slot. In other words not the Scaler Control2 in the MIDI FX slot.

Then you should see the Side Chain bit at the top. Select your source audio track for detection and it should just show up when you detect audio in Scaler.

It seems to work fine for me in Logic Pro 10.7.7 (Native mode).

It just makes it so you can quickly detect chords from audio from any audio track in your session without fiddling around.

Hi, if you look closely at the 2 Scaler images you posted the one on the left has the upper part of the window hidden that shows the Sidechain area that you reference. From memory (not at my computer right now) you click on the chain link icon next to the View field inside your circle on the right-hand side. It’s a Logic toggle and not a Scaler function…

The sidechain input appears in the Scaler instrument version (which is what Tristan was demonstrating in the course) but not the Scaler Audio or MIDI FX instance. I’m not entirely sure why Scaler Audio doesn’t have a sidechain input - that is something @Ed1 could answer. Irrespective, you can just put Scaler Audio on any channel so it is kind of superfluous.

A big thank you to everyone that’s responded.

I feel like a complete dork! I’ve followed your instructions and I’ve sorted it! :call_me_hand:

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