Can't find standalone scaler


I installed Scaler on my MBP and although I can open it in Logic, it doesn’t appear anywhere standalone application. Can someone help me find it please?


There is no standalone Scaler version, it’s currently only in plugin format.

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Works like a charm to host a standalone version of Scaler 2.


Actually, it works like a charm to host the “plugin Scaler” transforming it in a virtual-standalone…


Nice…thanks @MusicStudent

A decent intro video of this Windows specific VST host but I’d avoid the “30 bit version” :slight_smile:
VST hosting for live performances | NanoHost - YouTube

Yeah, it needs to have at least 36 bit to be usable :wink:
36-bit computing - Wikipedia

My recently emerged synth/midi controller knob fetish made me drool when I saw the user interface for that 36 bit computer from the '50s…
Someone please develop a controller script for this Friden device for Ableton :wink:

If you were going to have it extract square roots it helped to have the Friden on a no slip mat so it didn’t work itself off the edge of the desk. It was quite the entertainer in its time.

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I can imagine that! What I wonder, though, is whether its specialty was drum sequencing, or melodic arpeggios? :wink:

My recollection is multiplication was more percussive and division had a more broken pattern.

You only extracted square roots on Friday so Friden could rest up over weekend.

I’m afraid I’ve dated myself with these posts.

It is refreshing to hear more about those stories than all about one more wobbly bass for more dubstep these days in the EDM scene. I remember handling some of those old mechanical calculators/tabulators in my apprenticeship (which ironically had “electronics specialist” in the name)

Thank you for clarifying the stand alone situation :smiley: