Can't ilaunch Scaler 2.8 Studio One 5

Hi Scaler team,

total fail of Scaler in Studio One 5 after update to Scaler 2.8

Any ideas?


try to reinstall with all extra-sounds: it works for many
and a fix is on the way, as Davide stated

Hi Claudio,
thanks! But I already installed with all extra sounds.

sorry about that
but devs are usually very responsive
they will find a fix

Similar here. 2.8 installs successfully. But it is nowhere to be seen within Studio one v6.1

Multiple attempts. Always the same result, rebuild externals and remove blocklist. Installer needs work obviously. That’s okay just waiting for 2.8.1

as a data point

Downloaded and Installed 2.8,0 VST 3 on 3 Windows machines (10 and 11) yesterday with no issues running in Studio One 5.5.2 Pro, Ableton Live Lite and ZenBeats

Reinstalled Scaler 2.8.0 and solved.

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