Can't sign up for new Scaler2 course

Hi there… I saw that you’re offering a new course for Scalar2 with a discount until end of May. I’m assuming that it covers the new features in 2.8.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to sign up for it. I go to this link:

But when I plug in my credit info, I get the message “Your card’s security code is incomplete” even though it is complete and correct. ??

Thanks! -g

There is contact info for the School of Synthisis site that this is being sold at. Might be faster to send a ticket in there too.

Have sent you a PM G.

Thanks and awesome. I’m sure that there are a lot of things about Scalar that I’m unaware of and this will be super fun to dive into. Looks extremely well organized!

Question… does this course cover the new features that may be in v2.8?