Can't update Scalar

When I download the Scalar 2.7 update I get the following file in my download folder:


I am unable to do anything with this file.

that looks like a mac file.
I would try and download it again and this time see what type of file you are getting before you download it.
If that is what you wanted, then you should be able to open it.
I downloaded the windows file and got a zip file with the installer.
I think you can open it with 7-zip.

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Yes, that is the case. The “package” file is a Mac thing. For whatever reason the download site always defaults to the Mac format install file, so you have to deliberately look at the top of the download interface and choose the Windows checkbox. I just did it without thinking a day or so ago with 2.7 and had to redo the download with the correct platform installer.


Assuming that you are downloading this from Plugin Boutique did you click on th eWindows icon before starting the download? I have made this mistake before now and got a MAC pkg file instead of the Windows zip file.

Sorry I took so long to respond as I was out of town. You were right and now all is well.

Thanks for the help.