Can't use Piano to edit but guitar view works

I recorded a very quick video to show this. A video worth a thousand words.
I am unable to use the ‘edit’ chord function using the Piano view. No problem in the guitar view.
Here’s the link to the video explanation.

Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?

Hi @BobOrr

this looks like a bug, we will have a look and fix.

Thanks for reporting,

Could you post what you system and DAW is?

Hi, Thanks!
I am using Studio One 5 on Windows 10. I love this program, especially this new feature. Custom chords! Awesome. I am a guitarist also, so using the Guitar Fretboard view is allowing me to use this feature until this bug is fixed. Love the new features! Neo-Riemannian progressions! Great learning tool for students and composers!

I reported same problem. Funny cos it works fine on laptop pc studio one 4(not bothered to install 5 yet) but not on the desktop pc studio one 4 or 5 in my case.

glad to hear this is been looked into