Capability to suggest Scales that fit chord sequences in the Pattern Editor

(I apologize if this feature already exists, but it is not obvious and I have not found it.)

I would like the capability to put in an arbitrary chord sequence in the Pattern Editor, and have Scaler present a ordered list of the scales/modes most likely to fit that chord sequence.

Right now, the only way I know of doing this is to generate a MIDI file from Scaler patterns, and then have Scaler “Detect” MIDI. It works, but it is cumbersome. But the underlying logic is already there so I presume that this feature would be easy to implement.

I’ve been doing some work (with a spread sheet) in this area both on chord / scales and scales /scales. In the second case, the question might be “how does playing A minor pentatonic fit over (say) F Dorian” [ e.g. given a bluesy A dominant progression a guitar player might use A minor pentatonic solo throughout and just avoid the clash notes]

Obviously ‘detect’ generates Scaler’s ‘best match’ according to its internal algorithm and this idea is extending it to other candidates, but complexities like modal interchange ideas come it … it would be interesting to see this development.

I really like the idea of extending it to scale-to-scale similarity/compatibility.

It would help me with “I’m using C Dorian with these chord patterns. What other scales are closest that use some or all of the same chords?”