Captain chord Epic

I assume so, as the ‘links’ are in different folders

1 Mixedin Key don’t install to standard folders
2 Although it seems as though they are dll’s, they are only 16kb, and so are clearly not. They are probably links to al the stuff in these directories

It’s not the normal situation as much of the processing seems to be in the cloud.

However - due warning -

  • I haven’t tried uninstalling the old version yet
  • I may be (and am frequently) wrong.

I’ll try it after my next image backup and let you know.

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I understand.
So, I am always stuck in use.
because of network problems. The manipulation experience of CAPTAIN chords is not good.

I agree with everything you said.
I also prefer SCALER. Hope SCALER gets better and better.

I updated to Epic also. I like it and did a couple of cool tracks with it. One of the tracks, I used Epic and Scaler because Epic went ballistic when I tried to do a key change and modulation. I think these are all wonderful tools that keep getting better and I am completely grateful for their existence and development.
Here is the link to those tracks: A Traveller's EP - YouTube