"Carbon Electra" album produced with Scaler?

That muted pad chord progression sounds mighty familiar to an avid Scaler user :grinning:

And its a mighty fine album at that!


For those of you who haven’t clicked through to watch the video, and since @davide was too modest to share with us here that he recently dropped an album, let me point out that Davide is a major musical force.

Anybody questioning the “professionalism” of Scaler as a tool, consider what the inventor himself does with this tool (audio-only version) Davide Carbone - Omnia by BS1 Records (soundcloud.com)

PS: lest you think I am compensated in any way for this recommendation, I am not. And I haven’t known Davide until I discovered Scaler last year, and more recently his music.


hmmm… subliminal messages… :thinking:

Buy Scaler and get “connected”!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes… “connected”.

p.s. You know you want to!
p.p.s. You owe it to yourself.

NB: I would have to believe that the album uses the Carbon Electra synth. Not sure about Scaler’s involvement.

Oh how cynical the world has become to see conspiracy behind simple friendly gestures :frowning:

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Likely the album may be also using Davide’s home grown synth. I derive Scaler’s involvement from 2 observations…

  1. The background chord progression from the “Omnia” track sounds similar to Scaler’s “Artist” section

    Now chances are that instead of using Scaler’s chord progression, Davide “donated” the chord progression from his original song to the Scaler library

  2. Davide himself has mentioned on this forum that he uses Scaler in his compositions - and also mentions it in his tutorial videos.

Sorry if I gave away your trade secrets @davide :wink:

Likely? An understatement.
Bingo! You win the prize. :trophy:

H a r d l y ! ! ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am not familiar with the Carbon Electra synth plugin, so I am in no position to recognize whether it’s been used. My invocation of “likely” was not to question whether, but merely an expression of my not being able to even recognize it.

As is, I am confused about the term “Electra” being used by two (seemingly) similar soft synths, as I had a trial version of Tone2’s Electra2 a while back. Are they based on the same core, or if different who was first? On the surface they do look different.

Fair enough, let’s blame it on Google Translate :wink:

I better stop this diversion now, lest I’ll be accused by the voluntary forum police again to conspire with @ClaudioPorcellana to steal the show here :wink:

PS: Sorry Claudio for throwing you under the bus :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: :innocent:

PPS: Ok Google Translate, this was all meant in jest!

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I believe that it’s, “under the tractor in a panda suit”.

p.s. except while dancing in Hawaiian skirts.
p.p.s. don’t look… you’ll never be the same.

Go right ahead! It’s your thread.

Well actually I originally created the chords in scaler, used it for a client project, donated them back to scaler and then used them for Omnia which is a track featuring Robert Owens. You’re prize for that excellent investigative work is a free copy of Carbon Electra! Check your PM

Yes I used Carbon Electra and Scaler throughout. I also produce under the name Carbon Electra and of course released a D&B album under Carbon Electra which has gotten some lovely support of late. Scaler I always use for my musical compositions for film & video games much more so.


Thank you very much! In the good tradition of me sharing my first baby steps with a new sound tool, here’s the result from my first 5 minutes of tinkering with Carbon Electra…
First Steps With Carbon Electra by Bernd@PDX (soundcloud.com)


as Roger Waters stated in the “Pompeii” film…“it’s only a matter of using the tools that are available for ppl like us to use”…

I loved the song demo of Davide working in the last Scaler upgrade video. He was using Arcade for a vocal and triggered by Scaler and the song was not only awesome but the vocal melody he wrote fit perfect in the song. I was very impressed. I hope that song is on his new album.

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I create instrumental music for licensing to web/film/etc…and I use Scaler & Arcade to embellish what usually starts as rhythm from my own drumming (primarily drums/percussion but I play guitar & keys as well) or Stylus-RMX (still no software quite like it).I urge everyone to try these soft-instruments, your music will break out of the norm and expand your horizons. If nothing else they can serve as creativity jump-starters…and all are capable of ear-grabbing productions. Make bold statements ppl.

Second this … good to remind people of Davide’s tremendous credentials. also, Scaler wise, specialist software products which evolve positively are generally those which are used by the creator in their own business … which is the case here. It’s a working tool for DC.

If you haven’t checked out Davide Carbone - Wikipedia, do so.


Thank you! A very great read. You can say that quite a creator! Ilmankos Scaler is the best program. :love_you_gesture:I personally can’t start developing ideas anymore unless I open the Scaler program. :sunglasses:


Yes, very impressive indeed!
the only blemish he is to be blamed for, by me, is the techno background, but nobody’s perfect