Change (edit) Perf in Perf to CC Binding


Our current (2.4) process of doing a Perf to CC Binding requires that the CC be sent in from outside the program, after which it gets bound to the Perf that is current.

Once we have an elaborate set of these Perf to CC Bindings, it would be very desirable to be able to keep existing CCs and rebind them to new perfs. I can imagine more than one way such editing might work.

The big point is not having to resend the CCs into the program every time you want to change the bindings.

The CCs are already there, and already laid out (from before) in understandable order, etc. Now we want to do a new song, with new perfs. We may not even have an easy way to resend the CCs without jumping through hoops. Being able to just do such edits in Scaler would be a real boon.


I’ve yet to explore this new feature, but I understand what you said and it sounds like a good idea.

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Sorry to necro this thread, but for those wondering, in Reaper there is a JS plug-in by X-Raym called Note to CC which will transmit a selected note’s velocity as a selected CC value. I pulled in the plug-in through the ReaPack package manager (which I also recommend), so I’m not sure where else it can be found. With scaler it doesn’t look like the value matters, just that something was transmitted on that CC. So what you can do is stack several instances of Note to CC on one track, and set them up for different notes for different CCs. Make sure you route the midi into the scaler track and then you have your make shift key switches for scaler performances!