Change Key in C section or globally

I had a chord progression I liked in section C, but wanted to change the key. It seems there is no way of doing this. If I change it in A, then it leaves C alone and says everything is out of key. I had 5 progressions. THe only way to do it was to change A, then transpose all 5 progressions seprately. And then the chords are transposed which I would need to remember if I wanted to transpose individual chords later.

It would be nice to have a key change for the C section, and in fact, make a global change if necessary.

A minor solution which may be easier to program would be to transpose on the edit screen, but then have a button to make the transposition permanent and set the transpose to zero after. Not as good, as it would need to be done for every progression, but it would help!


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I am not sure if you are aware but the EDIT page already allows you to transpose patterns. Unfotunately you do have to transpose each pattern individually.


Yes, I know you can lasso the chords and transpose them. But that does not help much. It’s not only having to do each pattern separately, its more that changing key globally and permanently is convoluted. You have to transpose everything and keep it transposed, both section ‘c’ and ‘a’. Having a global key change would be very helpful. Or even having a ‘make transpose permanent’ button in section ‘c’ and ‘keep key change permanent’ in section ‘a’.



I’m not clear about what you mean by changing key globally. Just to clarify is what you want is an ability to start a song in a key (say G maj) and then as it developes you decide it would be better in another key, (say Eb min) and you want to make this change to the whole song to Eb min, easily?

Yes this would be nice to change the whole C section which would than effect the scale. I make do of course with the transpose with lasso but usually I’ve decided I want the key to go from Cmin to say Abmin. Or if we do the lasso transpose to set it as the new key.


@ed66 Yes. There are times when I am writing in one key, and decide I’d prefer another key. If I have scaler set to ‘D maj’ but I want to move it up to ‘E maj’, everything, the whole song, there is no way of doing this easily.

However, others have mentioned key changes during a song, which would be nice too…but not what I was intending with this thread. :slight_smile:

Pretty nice suggestion.