Changed idea about Soundpaint 1980 Tenor Sax Spectralis (and all woodwinds)

Hi folks

The first time I tested it seemed a lemon and a waste of HD space, but I was wrong, totally wrong! :upside_down_face:

I just completed a simple test using Scaler to drive a piano and Broomstick Bass with its drums, and I played the Soundpaint Sax by hand having a lot of fun

The sound is more credible than other brass plugins I tested, and this plugin is cheap, a lot cheaper than the others :heart_eyes:

It clearly needs some practice, but I am very happy about this test

Here is the sample Soundpaint Jazz

and here is the cover with the “pan” drum used :rofl:


Finally I think you are getting it. You need to learn your instrument whether it’s real or virtual. Please do continue down this most well traveled road.

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I personally like the sound of it. The best I’ve found so far. Great song, even though I was waiting the whole time for Claudio to unleash a real fast-paced solo.:grinning:

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If only I was given 4 hands…


I just completed their woodwind series… :heart_eyes:
And now I’m tempted by their Les Paul URGH!

damn 8Dio monkey :grin:


I just downloaded SG, as well as Fender Precision Bass and am downloading tenor sax. Thanks for the idea. :slight_smile:

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You are getting the Soundpaint versions, right?

And I also grabbed their free piano
Now that I got how using them, I’ll buy others also because they are way cheaper of most counterparts

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Your monkey is falling about laughing…

And now I asked them to add the trombone and the baritone sax

The monkey on my back is rubbing her eyes :cold_face:

BTW, one can also put personal samples in their engine
Who will be the first folk to try that?

P.S. they also have a couple of cool singers…

P.S 2: I’ll need one day to download each instrument… GASP

Hi Claudio - I have had very good luck loading my own samples, and a recent update now allows one to load samples other than 48Khz. I have managed to load a huge library of Foley samples which came with Adobe Audition, as well as test imported samples from a number of older Halion libraries which i own. It’s a very useful tool, with capabilities you don’t begin to grasp until you start playing around with it! Between Scaler, Soundpaint, and Unify, I have a workstation which is hard to beat.

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Thanks for confirmation Joseph

I just have some reservation about their guitars, and I am still struggling about how using them to have a sound close to the clean demos here

With all the 4 woodwinds, and their free piano instead, it’s a lot of fun, and I am currently exploring the possibilities with Prog rock and Funky

P.S. very interesting your website: you do on business some of the things I do (or I did) for fun :grinning:

Hi Claudio -

I have the Soundpaint Melody Maker (they were also calling it a jazz guitar for a while). I like the sound of it very much, but the playability is another story. Since keyboard playing is not my strong suit, and since making a guitar sound real is totally due to playing as a guitarist would play (both chord structure and technique), I have leaned more toward the Amplesound guitars:

I have their acoustic Martin, and the playing styles, chord strucures, and picking techniques built into each instrument are amazing! You can download and try out a free version (the guitars and the Precision bass as well). The interface is a bit daunting at first, and they are not cheap at all, but you can come up with some very musical results very quickly, and there are good tutorials and documentation. They do go on sale regularly, so you can snap up a title at considerable savings now and then (I think their Christmas sale is still on right now). The electric guitars are amazing real!

As to my website, and my career in TV production and animation, I am retired from that now, having been in the TV industry for over 30 years. Prior to that I was a working musician, playing electric bass, flute, and saxes (I was on the road for 5 years).

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Thanks for your insights Joseph, but I don’t like (for various reasons) both amplesound and musiclab stuff

Yes I got the Soundpaint sax and it is the best one I have ever found. Also bought the Soundpaint clarinet and it is quite good too. (Some of the sister company 8dio is hit and miss though. The 8Dio Studio Sax was a disappointment but their Clarinet was fabulous.)
But the Soundpaint Tenor Spectralis is fantastic. Really sounds good. I used both their Sax and Clarinet in my track:

If anyone wants to get $15 off a Soundpaint purchase you can use my discount coupon:

(And to be upfront I will get a discount too)


Yes, really a nice plugin, and you have still to test the morphing :grinning:

and thanks for discount, but another fan grabbed it before me :upside_down_face:

Not a problem anyway: you reminded me to buy the clarinet also :heart_eyes:

Yes, I have both the sax and the flute and they both sound terrible, unusable! I have a case logged in with soundpaint and they’re still on it, I hope. The incompatibility seems to be particular to my system (imac, catalina and logic pro). It’s interesting to know which system you have.

Sorry to hear that Omar. I am getting great results using Cubase Pro 12, Windows 10, 32 GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, virtual instrument stored on fast SSD M2 chip on motherboard.

Sorry to hear that

I have Windows 10 Pro and Bitwig Studio