Changed Plugin Boutique email since purchasing scaler2

Ive changed my Plugin Boutique email since purchasing scaler2 causing me to only be able to activate scaler using an old email. im wondering how to change my scaler email so next time i have to activate the plugin i can use my current email adress

This problem will grow in the future, as the approach of using e-mails as user identifiers becomes the norm. It i s compounded by the use of that e-mail in a verification or two factor authorisation process.

(!! nerd alert !!) It is probably made worse by systems which encode the e-mail to create an internal primary key, rather than merely being some form of reference to a key i.e. no indirection or surrogate. It’s sloppy design and annoying.

Hi @NateMac

you can contact us at with your old and new email address. We will verify the purchase with Plugin Boutique and generate and new license file.