Changing chordset changes voicing of chords in pad

Hi everyone.

I have some chords programmed in the pad page based on the Bb Major scale. If I go to chordsets and choose any one from the list, the voicing of my chords in the pad changes.

Is that expected behaviour or a bug of some sort?


That’s prolly because you are changing scales. Click on the Lock button and choose force into scale and choose the scale you are in.

Hi Davide.

For the life of me, I cannot find that lock anywhere.

That’s because you aren’t choosing an artist progression. Look at Davide’s image again. He’s choosing from 70s funk.

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Thanks for your help jamieh.

I got it now, but I don’t find that very intuitive.

I don’t understand why the voicings for chords already programmed into the pad should change when different chordsets are selected.