Changing scales within a progression

This might be a stupid question but how can i change a scale within a progression? Keylock seems locked to one scale or chords but if you change from one scale to another I don’t see that there is a way to change it?

Just curious, what is changing a scale within a chord progression supposed to do? It wouldn’t alter the chord’s composition, it’d still be the same notes, no? Are you thinking about “changing key” like in a DAW?

I can’t fully recall what i was asking but I think what I’m talking about is how keylock works with modal interchange? My chord progressions often have chords outside the key.

It’s a good question and I don’t know the immediate answer. I have a workflow for this but I’m always willing to develop better. In Cubase (Pro 10) if, for example, if the Chord is C7 but the Scale is Db Melodic Minor, I use a second instance of Scaler or a progression with the needed chord to generate the needed scale.Cubase also has its own Chord Track and Chords on the Chord Track may be assigned many preset scales, so that’s another way to skin the cat.

So, you may assign a chord with the needed scale and then, with Keys Lock on, in the DAW, you may use any scale with any chord.

I’m not at the DAW at the moment, but I’ll try to remember to look at this later. With multiple patterns or multiple instances of Scaler and Keys lock you should have a good workflow for this.

Yes indeed, I am doing this now with 2.4
I have two chord progressions assigned to Pattern 1 & 2. Look at them in PAD view, then key switch between the two whilst midi mapping the two scales and switching between the two.
Works like a treat and keys lock responds to the two different chord progressions across two different scales!
Will make a 2.4 video this week to explain.
EDIT, here’s the section in the video demoing switching scales


Yes just watched the video & really solves the problem to midi map the scales. Great work.

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