Changing the Bound Keys

A brief tutorial on changing the Bound Keys in response to a recent query.

You can change the keys that are bound to the patterns in the Settings menu. I am starting with the bound keys in the range C2 to F2.

Then open the Settings Menu and scroll down to BIND MIDI which is on the PLAYBACK tab

Clicking 3 times on the + sign will move the bound range up 3 octaves

from C2 to C5

Thank you so much ed66 for explaining this. I was also wondering if it was possible to do the same with the keyslock “chords notes” yellow notes area? And maybe expand it to 3 octaves to play leads. Also moving these 3 octaves area to c1-c3 so left handed people can play the lead there or for me playing bass notes for that matter… Hope to see this feature in scaler3 or if I missed it please tell me. Regards, Gerard

The keyslock “chords notes” yellow notes area moves with the bound keys.