Changing Voice Grouping in AAS Strum-GS 2 to have multiple arpeggios

I use this routing to have AAS Strum-GS 2 fed both with chords and arpeggios

Live it works like a charm

Using MIDI Polysher I move note ranges, until I hear some amazing guitar rhythm & arpeggio

For example, with these 2 XMLs and AAS Strum-GS 2 in Guitar mode

Scaler-1.xml (16.3 KB) Scaler-2.xml (16.6 KB)

With the MIDI Polysher set this way

I launch the 2 Scalers in sync & loop, then I change the Voice Grouping at the end of each series of chords to produce a series of different arpeggios

The result (MIDI Polysher output) is this fine series of 7 arpeggios

The problem is that this evening when recording, the output was wrong because I forgot a little thing…

What an idiot: I used a wrong routing to record the variations
:woozy_face: :crazy_face:

here is the correct routing

with Scaler 1 active (yellow button) feeding chords, 5 MIDI active (yellow button) feeding variations, and all other tracks not armed/active

And here is the result

I love a lot this way of feeding AAS Strum-GS 2 with chords and arpeggios in Guitar mode, but I sometimes forget to change the routing before recording :woozy_face:

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I explain better the difference between the 2 routings

The first routing only serves to experiment because it doesn’t record changes!

In this routing, the 1st Scaler feeds chords directly (Performance option inactivated), while the 2nd Scaler feeds rhythms & arpeggios (Performance option activated) passing through MIDI Polysher and a MIDI track required to re-feed AAS Strum GS 2

With this routing I set a fixed series of chords with the 1st Scaler, then I set both Scalers in sync & loop, then I use MIDI Polysher to move note ranges up and down, and I also use patterns, voice groupings, etc. hearing what happens; as far as I hear something interesting I save the situation in a new Ableton project, also recording all tracks (all armed)

If I export the audio file with this routing, the output is wrong because just the LAST pattern, voice grouping etc. used passes into the audio!

The following step involves a different routing

N.B. I cannot use this 2nd routing for both steps because the 2nd Scaler must be inactivated to record changes AFAIK

The AAS Strum GS 2 Guitar option is amazing for :rabbit: guitarists like me, because it’s like having my 2 real hands on, but 2 skilled hands!

My left hand selects chords, while my right hand plucks the strings to do rhythms & arpeggios

The 1st Scaler (left hand) feeds chords directly to AAS Strum GS 2, the 2nd Scaler is inactivated, and the right hand comes from the MIDI track whose MIDI was recorded in the 1st step

This way I have all 7 Voice Groupings that build 7 different rhythms & arpeggios

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