Chord-adaptive performances driven from the DAW

I would love to be able to write my own “performances” in my DAW that would drive Scaler and follow Scaler’s chords just as its built-in performances do.

I tried to do this using the existing Keys Lock - Chord Notes (KL-CN) feature, by sending notes to Scaler in the Keys Lock (green keys) range. Unfortunately it doesn’t work well because KL-CN’s mapping changes based on the number of notes in the selected chord. (You can see the mapping numbers displayed on the green keys changing as you play a triad vs a 7th or 9th chord.) This makes it impossible to have a single DAW-based pattern that adapts to any selected chord in the very musically-useful way Scaler’s built-in performances do.

Another challenge is the way the range of mapped green keys in KL-CN moves around depending on the number of chords in the bound key range. If you have eight chords in your pattern, the KL-CN green range jumps up an octave to get out of the way of the bound range. This is a major headache if you’re trying to use KL-CN to play patterns coming from the DAW - you add another chord in Scaler and the whole thing gets screwed up! :roll_eyes:

If Scaler had another mapping mode similar to the way Scaler’s built-in performances are represented, and this mapping mode was stable, had a wide-range of keys, with that range configurable (the way we can configure the binding octave), we would be able to create our own DAW-based performances that are as powerful and adaptable as Scaler’s. That would be amazing!

Our DAWs already have awesome pattern-creation tools - they have the ability to go way beyond what Scaler performances can do. I just want to combine that with Scaler’s ability to modify patterns on the fly according to chords, and have each one do what it does best! :smiley:

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I have found this too, and also have found chaining multi patterns whilst trying to keys lock through it is hard because of the variable bound area. There has to be some compromises but we are hoping a redesign may mitigate many of those challenges, with user adjustable bound areas etc etc. Thanks for feedback