Chord detection— Scalar 2's weak point?

Hey, it may well be me, but I’m having very little joy in getting Scalar to recognize chords from audio with any consistent success. Is it great for everyone else? If so please could you share your tecnique.


Agreed, this is an area we need to overhaul as it’s not to the standard I am used to using other plugs. Having said that, Scaler does so much for 50 dollars that this was an added bonus. And as I have said many times it does an acceptable job of working things out or pointing in the right direction as that was the intention, Irrespective, we plan for significant improvements in this area! This video is old but still relevant:


well, I recently used Scaler Audio with the AIR Ignite audio output used in a strange way, and I can say that it worked strangely, but interestingly

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I really appreciate the candour here, I do look forward to the improvements though!

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