Chord detection timing issue

I have a chord progression that has a straight rhythm and certain note length to it and I want to change the voicing of the chord progression. When I use the detect feature, it doesn’t capture the timing of the chord and it’s all are on a default length.

This is my progression

This is how it is after the chord detection (lost my original pattern)

2 — ImgBB (Couldn’t upload it here because new user restriction)

All I want is different voicing retaining the same rhythm that I already have, please help.

Scaler does not detect rhythm only chords at this time. If you want to change the voicing you can do that in Scaler by Choosing Edit Chord by right clicking on the chord, the edit button on the upper right or the edit button to the left of the C section.

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You can define the value of each chord in Edit

Yeah. I know this. I thought there would be an easy way to do it.

Sorry. I don’t know any other way to do it. Perhaps a colleague can tell us something. I’ve been experimenting with your progression, but I can’t think of anything else

Thanks for the reply. Actually, that progression was just for showing an example. Took that from Unison Midi Pack and uploaded it just for the sake of the demo.

Hi @aron and welcome,

you can use the Voice Grouping feature from scaler to live-change the voicings from your original chords while retaining the original rhythm of your progression.

Otherwise you could make use of the chord trigger to keep the same rhythms while perfecting your voicings.

To do so, import your chords (Midi drag into scaler) and lay them down inside a pattern and make use of the midi in to trigger them with the same rhythm and then tweak them until you are happy with how they sounds together.

How this helps,