Chord Diagrams

Just installed and played in some simple chords. Went to look at the chord charts and they all said ‘No Position Available’. These were just simple chords. C F G so I know they have charts. Please help. I must be missing something. Thanks

Have not seen this before. Does it work when you have it in Keyboard mode instead of Guitar Mode?
What OS are you? What DAW are you using? Have you tried a reboot?

Never seen that “Chord Charts” page. Is that related to the guitar mode / fret board view?

Answering my own question, just tried it out… and I got the same view. But then, I don’t really know how this works…

Hi guys

I have just looked at this and started by loading a song into Scaler

I then opened chord charts and got this.

I am not a guitarist, but I guess that these charts are the fingering for each of the chords in the pattern.

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Right, looks like the Section C has to be filled with chords. The Chord Charts are related directly to chords stored in Section C. Got it, thanks @ed66 !

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Yes, but only works with the first chord you select…when you change chord, the chord charts option is back to OFF…so if you hit another chord, you have to turn the chart OFF, and selelect the chord chart option ON again.
Its a great tool, but guess there is a bug there…

Hi Joe, welcome to the forum.

Could you clarify

In Scaler a chord chart is produced for each chord that is in a block in Section C. I am not sure what you mean when you say

The only issue I found investigating this is that when I used the Blues 1 progression there was no chart for the E dim #5 chord.

Could you also give some information about your conficuration, please: Operating System, DAW, etc.?

See this as it will help idebtify the issue

E.g to see the guitar chart of F#m I select the CHORD CHART option ON , and it shows different guitar fingerings for that chord, if I want to see the fingering for another chord i section C, the only way I find is to go back to CHORD CHART option because it has turned OFF again, and so on each time I want to learn a different chord in Section C…
It is supposed to work like that ?
Thank you

Im using one ipad m1 on Aum & standalone. Ios 14.7.1
And another ipad pro 2gen same way on latest Ios update

Hi @Joe and welcome to the forum.

What you are looking at here is the fingering for each chord in your progression in Section C. Not variations of a single chord. To see the variations of each chord you press the arrows next to the P1.

I hope this clears it up.

Hi @bowlja and welcome,

You need to select and drag the chords down to the Section C progression builder at the bottom to be able to see the available chord charts.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, now Ive got it !
Thank you very much, cheers !