Chord Drag and Drop Cubase 10.0.30

When I drag and drop chords from Scaler’s interface to a track in Cubase 10, it drops two midi events on top of each other. I have to click the event and delete it manually.

I’m just wondering if this is intended behavior or a bug? Is this something that I may be doing wrong? I don’t typically export midi as I prefer to put the chord progression together within Cubase instead of Scaler.



I get the same, it’s a bit of a pain.
Sorry, i don’t have a remedy.

It is not the intended behavior and yes it is a bit annoying.

We will have a look. Thanks for reporting.


Thank you
Also, I would be willing to pay more for an add on which would help see which chords would “work” in terms of moving from one key to another… just in case you’re interested to know :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks, Ed. It’s a minor nuisance, but it would be great if you could sus that out :slight_smile:

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For the record, I am having exactly the same issue on Cubase pro 10.0.50 with another midi generating plugin. I create and when I drag and drop there are two clips, one on top of the other and I have to erase. (Audiomodern Scaler)

I haven´t had time to try it with other plugins, such as dragging and dropping from, say, some Toontrack drum product.

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I’ve just noticed this behavior with drag and drop in Cubase Pro 10.0.6 and mention one additional drag and drop issue as well regarding Part Creation in Cubase via Drag and Drop.
“Delete Overlaps”

Cubase says “Delete Overlaps” when a chord is dragged from Scaler into a Cubase Track (MIDI or Instrument). Looking at the Key Editor and List Editor in Cubase I’m not sure what is going on? Perhaps something to do with Chord Trigger Notes and the Actual MIDI notes of a Performance? Playback sounds the same before and after the “overlaps” are removed, however, in the Key Editor with Acoustic Feedback On, when I select a note, it plays either a single tone, or, it plays a trigger note for one of the chords in the progression.
I’ll do some more testing on this and try to see what’s going on from a user perspective. I won’t even guess at the programming level.

“Drag and Drop Chord Length”

Since this thread is about Drag and Drop in Cubase I think this fits here as well.

When I drag a chord into Cubase, “overlaps issue” above notwithstanding, the Part created for a two beat chord is four beats in cubase, a full measure in 4/4. This makes working with two-beat changes more difficult for a drag and drop work flow. Ideally, the part created in Cubase would be the same length as the chords are set to generate, 2 beats by default or longer if necessary. The Part Length created in Cubase with Drag and Drop should match the Chord Length in Beats as set in Scaler. Great if this were possible for a future build.

Anyway, these “issues” are not really workflow killers at all. In fact, the more I work with Scaler, the more I like it. :slight_smile:

In time, perhaps these areas can be improved. Thanks.