Chord Duration is initialized after chord editing


I use Scaler 2 on Propellerhead Reason 12.
I often make chord progressions with setting a chord duration.
and I like add some tension notes with chord edit mode after making a chord progression.
however, the duration values of the Playback Timings were initialized.

Does anyone have some solution?


I’ve never had anything like this happen. Are you changing the timings under playback timings?

The Overall timings is under Preferences and everything thing is based on that. Is that where you are setting the overall timing?

thanks your suggestion

for example,

  1. set the overall duration to “2 beats” under Preferences.
  2. set chord progressions to “C, Gm”
  3. set duration of Playback Timings like “C = x1.75, Gm = x2.25”. (Yes! I like 8 beat syncopation)
  4. stop playing just in case
  5. open the Code Edit Panel and edit each code like “C (add top C and Low C), Gm/C (add top C low C and Up G an 8ve )”
  6. back to Playback Timings Panel. each duration gets the default “C = x1, Gm = x1”

The same is true for “Repeat” of Playback Timings


You are right. This is the first I’ve seen this behavior and I do a lot of chord voice changes as well as timing changes. I must not have done them in this order before. Good catch
I’m on Mac 10.13.6/Ableton Live 11
When I tried it in Patchwork, Patchwork crashed.

Oh, I seem to have chaught a rare bug :wink:
I’m on MacOS 10.15.7 / Reason 12

Should I report this bug somewhere?

Right here in Bug Reports as you have done.

I will watch here that the bug is fixed.
Thaks a lot Jamieh-san!