Chord keymapping


I am looking for a feature which might exist, but I can’t find it :slight_smile:

Is it possible to assign Chords to user-defined keys on the keyboard?

I would like to choose the root-key of each Chord as a trigger, for example a C#min-chord should be triggered by the C#-Key, Gmin-chord should be triggered by “G”, and so on.

At the moment I am getting confused playing the C/D/E/F/G keys that the chords get mapped to on the left hand to trigger them, and improvising with the right hand same time, because the “Chord-Trigger-Key” is actually not related to the chord being played.


Hi @esci and welcome. I think what you are saying is a ‘true scale’ mapping feature so If I select A Minor for example the bind will go from A to A white keys and C min would go C, D, Eb, F, G, Ab, Bb.
Inbound and I think this will be very exciting to use, will certainly help with learning the scales and diatonic in their correct positions!

Hi @davide

thank you :slight_smile: well yes, this would be the even more sophisticated solution.

The feature I was looking for was kind of “bind chords with drag & drop to keys of my choice” - but ultimately to receive the same result you described for exactly this reasons.