Chord names

Would it be possible when dragging chords from Scaler 2 into a DAW to include the name of the chord?
I know some DAWs identify and show the name of the chords but, a lot don’t have this facility.
This would be a great help when building an arrangement.


Hi regbower,

this already exists. Go into settings → session and activate export midi markers. Here you go!
Have fun!

Thanks kjlietz.
I’ve checked in settings and the default settings is set to export midi markers.
I presume the function of this is to be able to see the name of each chord you
drag into your DAW am I right? However it does not work for me so, I assume it’s
a limitation of my DAW. I’m using Mixcraft 10 pro studio, if it works for you what
DAW do you use?

That is correct. I find that it works for me in Reaper, but not in Ableton Live 11.

C’est la vie

Reaper and Cakewalk show the information. AL does not. :man_shrugging:

It doesn’t works in Logic too.

I hope Ableton addresses this in a future update. It would be really helpful.

Wow that would a great feature!

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