Chord Patterns

I have recently bought Scaler 2 after a month trial. I am very impressed. I use it with Reaper. If I have an instrument VST and Scaler on one track, I can turn off sound in Scaler and the notes on the Scaler keyboard play the sound of the sample loaded on my DAW. However, no sound comes out if I play Chord Patterns? Am I missing something? Thanks

Could you clarify what you mean? If you play chords? Trigger chords from Scaler or play actual chords?

Thanks Jamie. I want to trigger the chords in the saved pattern. They move from one to another but no sound through my DAW.

Do you have the chords in the Pattern (Section C) at the bottom with Bind on? You should be able to trigger the chords from there.

Thank you Jamie. All sorted now.

Great! What was the issue? I don’t use Reaper much these days as I switched to Ableton almost exclusively.

It was the way I had it set up in Reaper Jamie. Once I had corrected it, all was fine. Thank you.