Chord Play Out straight to daw track

I hope the Scaler Team considers making it possible to trigger midi chords straight to my daw track bypassing midi capture, That would be awesome!!!

It already is possible, if I understand you correctly. You can bind chords in Scaler to MIDI notes, and then trigger chord playback from either a MIDI key press or a DAW MIDI note in the piano roll.

This is very cool but if you arm the track scaler is on and hit record all you get are single notes. straight to the track. Unless there is a setting I’m not seeing which very well could be possible.

What DAW are you using? It might be in how you route Scaler (as a plugin) MIDI out in your DAW track.

For example, using Ableton, I have to configure the track routing like this… Scaler in its own track, and then another track with the actual instrument or piano roll you want to play the chords into…

If in the “MIDI from” the second entry is not configured as “Scaler 2”, I only get single notes.

And the track where Scaler sits will never receive the chords coming out of Scaler, it’s just the way Ableton rolls (which is why I got Bitwig, which is more effective that way with in-track MIDI routing)

Ahhhh Reaper is my daw thanks for the info I’ll have to check into what your doing.

Yes!!! You are correct Bernd. It worked now if I can remember what I did this will be awesome.

Wow, I’m suddenly feeling like a Caveman in a Helicopter. If I would only have looked a few more choices down on the drop down menu geeeeeese! :face_with_monocle:

No worries, we’ve all been there. I am still fairly new to a lot of the music tools and methods. So when I proudly figure out something I’m always happy to pass on the learnings.

BTW, nice analogy there with the helicopter (for any airplane pilot ever having made the transition).