Chord progressions for chorus and verse

Hi is it a viable option for a coming version of scaler to label (parts of) chord progressions as best suited for verses or for choruses?
Best Erik

Hi @erikma

interesting question, there are definitely some patterns Scaler could detect, but I think it would be fairly limited.

There are cases where you use the exact same chords in the chorus and verse but simply change the order and or the rhythms. You could also have a chorus that use the same chord types but transposed by 1 semitone. In those cases the feature could not really help much.

There are definitely cases where we could limit the choice of chord types to choose from if you want to write a “Pop” chorus for example, but that would probably be limited by genre.

What are you trying to achieve exactly?

Hi thx for the quick reply! trying to write a pop song and want to find two progressions that sound like a good pairing of verse and chorus.
I know that choruses often feature adjacent chords whose roots are a 4th or 5th apart, like C to F or C to G. That strengthens a progression structurally, and makes it a good partner to the verse. But these are just general notions, I understand the difficulty in making something like that work in software … Best Erik