Chord (Scaler 2.2) for melody (Logic pro x)

After you get a melody from your midi in logic pro x, what is the best way to get the chords for the melody in scaler 2.2

After voice/ humming sound recorded in logic pro x then how to get the chords in scaler 2.2


I am afraid you cannot, but I am a newbie so maybe I am wrong

I tried in the past to have Scaler Audio listen some MP3 I have and I found that it rarely retrieves chords from arpeggios and/or melodies, or chords partially overlapped by other instruments (drums, bass)

I think it can recognize series of clean chords only

That would be a problem. For Scaler to recognize chord in audio or midi there has to be chords there already.

A melody can be sung to multiple chords. What you can do is make a guess and play/sing along with Scaler as you try different chords and jot them down.

If you had your voice with two harmonies recorded and fed that into Scaler that might work for you. As long as there are chords to recognize Scaler will do that for you.